Happy and gray

Our town has quite a number of elderly population. So it’s not a surprise that the elderly week celebration was a big day in town. I was curious with what kind of activity these active seniors will whip up for the day’s event (October 11) hence this photo docu.

After the short parade with the youthful drum and lyre corps from a local high school, the participating senior citizens from the different villages proceeded at once to snack time while the DLC performs at the center of the cultural sports building. This made me take photos of some seniors. Many were wearing native costumes of kimona paired with saya, a loose printed long skirt. Some however prefer costumes that range from formal gown to Halloween costume (photo). The male seniors were obviously more ‘behave’ than the female seniors preferring to just sit or stand quietly observing the events.

Noticeable also was the fact that there were more women attendees than men. This does not necessarily mean that elderly men died ahead of their  wives. The most likely reason is that the women seniors in Bulusan are more outgoing and tend to be more sociable than their husbands.

It felt nice seeing the elderly having some fun and be young again even for a day! However, my mother, already 87 this year opted to just stay at home. She is the introvert kind.

Elderly queen from San Vicente

Elderly queen from the village of San Vicente

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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