Another Beginning for the Gifts of Solitude

Bulusan, July 2015

Bulusan, July 2015 (Photograph by Alma P. Gamil)

Solitude is my default mode. It is always by my side. And the more I stare at it in the face the more I discover that solitude is my most devoted friend. It is also a great teacher that encourages me to explore more of myself and how to profoundly see things around me.

Solitude has many gifts for me – like little seedlings sprouting in my head. These include impressions from real events, imaginings and daydreams that manifest naturally. The tropical clime of my hometown where I stay conspires perfectly.

‘These are worth sharing,’ my town mate told me.

So I decided to make a home for these gifts. A home that will give some form of permanence and coherence to the continuing flow of life’s surprises – if not physical at least a virtual one. This is also a way of continuing my silent conversation.

Anything goes.

My thoughts are messy now, full of the ordinary and the mundane with a twist of freshness…seeds and fragments of conversations to be told in the days ahead. And hoping I will do so with a joyful heart.

Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon

3 thoughts on “Another Beginning for the Gifts of Solitude

  1. Fortunately, we are not alone even in solitude. Always with us are past and present.They are always people, not events nor ideas. Sometimes when in solitude, past and present are triggered by events, ideas even, but they always resolve to people.

    • Hi Gagi! your visit is another proof that there is more on the web than facebook 🙂 thanks for the insightful comment! So true. milieu, character, events and ideas — people as the main thread. nadomdoman ko ini na linya sin kanta… “The colors of a rainbow, so pretty in the sky, are also on the faces of people going by…”

      • What a wonderful world!
        May kaistoyahan baya ako na an topic mi language sa instruction. An reklamo ko na an textbooks san elementary ako Bikol-Naga. Kaya napa-search san “Badong Miling”. Nakadto ko an blog ni Tootsie nan isad pa na taga-Gubat na pareho man an reklamo san sa akon. Nakita ko didto an comment mo kan Tootsie kaya ako nakaabot didi saimo.
        Keep this up!

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