The charm of Taisan

Texture in earth colors characterize the sea view of Taisan in Bulusan.

Textures in earth colors characterize the sea view of Taisan in San Vicente, Bulusan.

I consider the seascapes of sitio Taisan as one of the most mesmerizing views in the village of San Vicente a.k.a Buhang. I have no idea on the reason why the place is called Taisan. ‘Taisan’ roughly translates to  a place with many unattached old singles. The local vernacular for ‘old maid’ is ‘tais’ (pronounced  ta-is).

For the record: I have not seen an old maid in the area during my short visit.

It is however only by mere coincidence that the name of the sitio shared my  fate — of being an old maid 🙂  But this is another story.

The day was just marvelous for a photo shoot and the thought that  Taisan is not yet listed as one of Bulusan’s tourism destinations makes it more exciting. It was like discovering a new tourism spot.

The shoreline of Taisan is just a walk away from the road where jeepneys from the Poblacion pass by daily. It is here where my sights were drawn that sunny Friday morning after visiting San Vicente church for my sister’s prayer petition. After the ‘pailaw’ (light offering) I had so much time left to walk around the shore area of Taisan — a 3 minute walk from the village church.

It was as if the seascape was inviting me to a photo challenge. How can I resist? Sea with hints of indigo and turquoise. Powdery blue skies. Sea bed textures in earthy tones. The panorama was so inviting.  My imagination was running wild like a painter with a brush in situ.

I was in a trance-like state gazing at the horizons. The rays of the mid-morning sun surprisingly did not diminish the raw beauty of Taisan shores. I had to give in to the urge of the shutter.

The resulting images imparted not just a visual feast for me. It was more. Taisan taught me a lesson that being an ‘old maid’ is just a state of mind.

Maybe true.

Taisan is after all full of charm and edgy beauty.

Rock couple in Taisan's low tide, Bulusan 2014

Rock couple in Taisan’s low tide, Bulusan 2014

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

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