Ice cold beer on a hot day at the beach

Ice cold beer on a hot day at the beach

Eva's Beach Park, Bulusan, June 2014

Eva’s Beach Park, Bulusan, June 2014

I have no other plans  that afternoon of June 11, 2014  but to hie off to a near beach and sniff a doze of ocean’s breeze. I needed this fix badly to counteract some personal giddiness of late.

So off to the beach I went. The newly opened Eva’s Beach Park was my choice for a change of venue from my usual beach foray. An ice-cold beer on a hot afternoon by the beach seems a nice idea at that moment.

From the center town, it takes only a 10-peso tricycle ride to reach Eva’s Beach Park — a newly opened resort cum restaurant/pub along the beach of Dancalan, a coastal village. It is still under construction but the rawness is okay with me. The casual arrangement that is not intimidating added to the relax mode of the place. I love it at once because of its lack of pretensions. What you see is what you get.  The sprawling lawn is not yet manicured and the huts have that picnic Philippine style look  that are so inviting even for passers-by.

I don’t usually like plastic flowers as interior accents  so it  was  a surprise that the pink and yellow flowers dangling on the ceiling of the main cottage do not bother me a bit. Even the bulky karaoke sound system that was  not in use that afternoon is okay with me. The place was empty of visitors by the time I arrived — nearing 3:30 pm.

I selected a spot where I have a full view of the crescent-shaped ocean’s edge of Dancalan shore. The spot is a simple coconut stump table with its cut trunk  serving as bench. I ordered San Miguel Light. It arrived in a bucket full of ice cubes. It tasted sweet to me and as I sat alone in that beautiful spot my thoughts lingered to a sweet friend of mine a thousand miles away and imagined how different things would be if I could share this moment with him — this beer moment by the sea.

Cheers to YOU, my dulce extranjero!

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Photos : Alma Gamil
Eva’s Beach Park, Dancalan, Bulusan, Sorsogon

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