Go Sweet Stranger

Go Sweet Stranger

Sweet stranger go.

Go and do not think of me. Do not burden yourself with guilt. I already knew the end of this even before you uttered your sweet lies. I know the likes of you. Do not worry about me. I am an old soul. I have already befriended the skies, the moon, the stars and the blazing sun eons ago. I have befriended the sand and the waves and frolicked in it in the summer sun and will do so in the days to come. So do not worry about me. I am in the best company. Go.

And oh, by the way, thank you for bringing a whiff of that gorgeous fragrance to the summer air. I t was a scent not unlike the blended fragrance of wild citrus, patchouli and native cedar that abound here in the nearby forest… with a hint of the seductive masculine musk. Your scent however is the kind that vanishes quickly into thin air the notes of which are like hues of a faint rainbow elusive and ephemeral.

Go before you see my heart.

Photo : Alma Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, 2014


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