Primer Biyernes

Primer Biyernes

San Vicente chapel, Buhang, Bulusan, March 7, 2014

“Primer Biyernes,” the elderly woman (center of photo) answered my short query on what was the event at the San Vicente chapel, March 7, Friday. She was a co-passenger of the jeepney that I was riding from Bulusan’s Poblacion. This route passes by the San Vicente chapel. This was her stop and was paying the driver with her transport fare when she answered my question.

From my jeepney seat, I can see people coming and going out of the chapel’s entrance. Many were lighting candles at a special area at the left side of the chapel. It was obvious that her trip was for this purpose alone — to visit San Vicente.

I quickly snapped a photo of her walking towards the chapel and wondered what petition prayer she will be asking for intercession to the village Patron Saint, San Vicente Ferrer.

San Vicente Ferrer is the Patron Saint of the village of Buhang, the second largest village of Bulusan town. The saint is locally known for interceding prayers and petitions relating to good health, healing  and recovery from sickness.

The visitors of San Vicente chapel however not only include those with prayer requests and petitions but also those who were recipients of favors and prayers granted via the saint’s intercession.  Visits during  Primer Biyernes or First Friday of every month are the best way to show thanks  to the saint. It is also the most powerful day to offer prayers of petition to San Vicente Ferrer done by lighting candles to honor him — ‘mapa-ilaw’ in the dialect.

Photo: Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon

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