Pantomina in a Wedding celebration

At last an authentic unchoreographed Pantomina! Pantomina in situ. This one is an amateur video of my nephew during his friend’s wedding in Bulan, Sorsogon.

The Pantomina dance as part of a wedding celebration is similarly done also in Bulusan and other towns of Sorsogon. Hence, this post.

Although Pantomina dance is an all-happy-occassion number, I particularly love this dance to be specifically performed in weddings. It has all the elements of a celebratory dance. The Pantomina music’s joyful rhythm and the lively and lovely steps and movements of the Pantomina dance especially the ‘paso’ part are celebrations in itself.

The dance is also a fun way for the couple to have an instant seed money to begin their lives together since the money is considered as a community gift for the couple pooled together from ninangs, ninongs , family, relatives, visitors and well wishers. The money given to the couple are not only confined to paper bills of high denominations. Coins also are accepted — this is the reason why the couple is dancing in a native mat i.e. banig. The banig is there to catch the coins thrown to them by well wishers.

As the groom and bride dance to the music of the Pantomina that goes on and on, families, relatives  and wedding sponsors from both sides will have their money at hand tested by upping each other in the pinning of the money bills in a sort of contest. The larger the amount the better. All is done however in the spirit of fun. At the end of the dance,  the couple will have a basket full of money in denominations ranging from 1 peso coin to 1,000-peso bill. The groom will in turn offer (for safekeeping ) the pooled gift money to the bride as part of  the celebrations.

The money however is not the main purpose of the dance. Fun is.

Video from You Tube

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