Field of Greens and Patterns

Field of Greens and Patterns

Infinity rice field, Bulusan, 2014.

Bulusan’s countryside is bursting with color hues of greens and blues. More intense now that the sun is shining again after the January cold spell and cloudy skies.

I particularly love the patterns and geometric shapes in the field at this time of the rice cropping season when the leaves are just starting to flush.

Shown here are some of the week’s photo harvests. As usual, these photos  were all taken at random from a moving jeepney.

Crop rectangles, Bulusan 2014.

Seeing double green, Bulusan, 2014.

Blue and green; horizontals and verticals, Bulusan, 2014.

View from the sideview mirror, Bulusan, 2014.

Walk back home after an afternoon farm chore, Bulusan, 2014.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, February 2014


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