Gathering memories, gathering sea shells on a cloudy day

Gathering memories, gathering sea shells on a cloudy day

Dancalan Beach on a cloudy day, December 2013.

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A Gloria Steinem’s quote  explains briefly the difference between sadness and depression: “When you’re depressed, nothing has meaning. When you’re sad, everything does.”

Maybe this is true to me i.e. maybe I am sad not depressed.
Everything has meaning even the lines of the markings of the waves have meaning. The shells lining the tracks seemed to be waiting for me and the waves were endlessly throwing the little sea shells of my childhood right on my feet in the sand for me to gather. But my mood shifted more strongly to gathering memories instead of gathering the muying*, the varied buskay* right in front of me as I walk slowly on the wet sand.

Maybe the waves knew exactly that the shells lining along the pathway marked by its endless coming and going will somehow remind me of the childhood days when we used to play sungka* and siklot*. Maybe these little waves now and then touching my rolled denim jeans knew exactly that when I go home after this little play with them there is no one there but me and the soft lights of the monitor…and I will be typing these lines.


*Muying is a specific kind of sea shell loved by the children who grew up in Bulusan town. It is the cutest among the sea shells. Buskay is the generic local term for almost all kinds of sea shells in Bulusan while sungka and siklot are popular sea shells’ games for girls in my hometown during my childhood years.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Dancalan Beach, Bulusan

2 thoughts on “Gathering memories, gathering sea shells on a cloudy day

  1. There’s a certain joy in sadness and being alone. The scene above is perfect for that ‘sad’ tune by The Monkees titled “I Wanna Be Free.”

    Hum it.

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