Bulusan's belfry

One of the four bells on top of the tower.

The bells and the belfry are participants to almost all religious celebrations in Bulusan such as this one.

The sound of the bells emanating from the Spanish period belfry still figures prominently in the lives of Bulusanons. It can be heard daily from the morning bells to the dusk’s angelus. The full-bodied sound of the biggest bell can reach up to 3km from the Poblacion to the villages adding excitement  during celebrations such as during fiestas and weddings. It also warns the residents of calamities e.g. Bulusan Volcano eruption, fire etc.

Indeed, one cannot describe Bulusan town without mentioning the belfry. It is embedded in the collective memory of Bulusanons – from birth to death. Referred simply as the Kampanaryo by the locals, this belfry is actually a watch tower, part of the defense fortress of Punta Diamante in Bulusan.

For a feel of the actual sound of the bells, you may visit this site:

Photos by Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

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