The Marvelous Anahaw Palm

The Marvelous Anahaw Palm

Bright colored berry-like fruits of the Anahaw palm attract wild birds and fruit bats that serve as its dispersal agents.

Anahaw palm grove

Anahaw palm grove along the road in the village of San Jose.

Anahaw leaves ready for harvest. The palm thrives best in almost all the areas of the mountain villages of Bulusan.


Sadok hat is an all-weather sturdy indigenous hat made of the whole anahaw leaf spread in a bamboo frame and stitched with nito vine.


Beach cottage in Bulusan with anahaw thatch roofing.

I received a comment recently from one of my posted photos asking me where to buy anahaw leaves. I suggested  to my blog visitor to instead ask the jeepney drivers plying the mountain villages of Bulusan town. As far as I know, these anahaw leaves have no known dealers in our town. It is common practice in many Anahaw growing villages in Bulusan to just approach a farm patch with anahaw palms visibly growing on it and then simply order the stuff.

The leaves of these anahaw palms such as that in the above photos prolifically growing near the mountain road of San Jose  are ideal roofing materials for a native themed cottage. The seeds are free I presume  if in case you’re planning to have a marvelous anahaw grove in your own farm.

This spot is only about 30 minutes from the Poblacion where I live.

The leaves of Anahaw palms are used for thatching houses and for making fans and sadok (photo), a native all-weather hat in Bulusan. Fresh anahaw leaves are  also utilized as food wrap.

Aside from jeepney drivers, the tricycle drivers plying these mountainside areas are also good informants on where to buy good quality anahaw leaves.  The Kapitan (village chief) I am sure will be just as willing to recommend farmers with anahaw palms in his/her village.

An added zest to the trip to these villages is the refreshing green mountainscape. Bring a local guide though for this trip.

Note: The foliage of anahaw (Saribus rotundifolius) is the unofficial national leaf of the Philippines.

Photos by Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon


2 thoughts on “The Marvelous Anahaw Palm

  1. the sprout of this marvelous anahaw palm can also be eaten, here in our locality claveria, cagayan there are some dishes made by the sprout of this anahaw palm like; dinuguan, ginataan and salad. It can also be eaten raw or can be mix to other dishes like pork sinigang pwede rin siyang gawing ” inabraw”.

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