Joey Ayala and Lupang Hinirang

Try listening to the ballad-like tempo of Joey Ayala’s rendering of Lupang Hinirang  (National Anthem of the Philippines) while images of the super typhoon aftermath run in your head. Moist eyes. Who will not be?

May God multiply the strength of the survivors especially the families tried by the category 6 tropical cyclone.

Take note that Bulusan was in the peripheral track of Yolanda (Haiyan) when it struck the provinces of Leyte and Samar. The province of Sorsogon is 224 kilometers from Tacloban City. Geographically separated only by San Bernardino Strait from the Samar islands.

Our province was fortunate to be spared this time. Fear however will forever be etched in our minds with the proximity of the radius of the swirling ferocious mass that was Yolanda. It was a close call for those living near the coasts of Bulusan and neighboring towns. The changing climate however gave us no choice but to prepare for the more than twenty (20) typhoons that visit the Philippines annually. Yolanda was the 24th this year. The strongest so far.

The speech of the Philippines’ representative to the United Nation’s talk on climate change makes sense in the light of this recent disaster. I hope those powerful nations heed his call:

As to Joey Ayala’s rendition of the National Anthem? “You’ll never sing the National Anthem the same way again.”  I am singing it now. His way.

Video from YouTube


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