Bulusan Volcano in a school mural


Bulusan Volcano on a clear day as viewed along the road in Barangay Dancalan in Bulusan.

Bulusan Volcano in a school mural

Bulusan Volcano mural as backdrop for the lyrics of the National Anthem in Bulusan Elementary School.


I never thought that Bulusan Volcano is this pointed and a pair to boot.  The volcano is depicted  in this mural  like a pair of maiden’s breast. The actual Bulusan Volcano however is not that pointed. The left mountain is shaped like a dome  (photo) and the second one has the characteristic sharp peak when viewed from the center of the town of Bulusan. In the above photo of the mural, the artist’s interpretation of Bulusan Volcano obviously differs from its real shape.

Bulusan Volcano is a composite mountain,  a dome complex with several volcanic edifices as listed here from a Phivolcs information page

Photos: Alma P. Gamil


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