Front seat view

A pause from the hard toil for this farmer was an unintended pose with Mt. Bulusan as backdrop for a passing jeepney with a shutterbug passenger – me.

Taking the jeepney ride is one of the rural experiences I cherish lately. The tropical colors of green and blue flashes like shifting giant panoramic TV screen scenes as my  jeepney commute rolls from my hometown Bulusan to Gubat with the town of Barcelona sandwiched in between.

Every trip is a kind of adventure in itself. In fact I look forward to the bimonthly jeepney commute and wish it could be more.  I really enjoyed every jeepney ‘journey’ literally. For these trips the destination is not the most enjoyable part – it is  what lies along the road. . . or it is just my uncanny ability to find happiness from the most ordinary. Call it as ‘mababaw ang kaligayahan’ because admittedly I belong to that group.

The photos show what I’m talking about – snapped along the road from the Poblacion to the countryside of Bulusan, Barcelona and Gubat town center. All of these photos were taken while I’m comfortably seated at the  front seat of the jeepney beside the driver’s seat.

Jeepney public commute from Bulusan to Gubat town is daily and runs from early morning up to around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  Jeepney fare is 38 pesos one way- Bulusan to Gubat town.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

4 thoughts on “Front seat view

    • Thank you, Elmer. Your comment is enough to boost my confidence. no need to join the contest… 🙂 Those are random shots while the jeepney was running ..bawal pumara for photo shoots….one or two were straightened …the rest are as is straight from the countryside.

  1. Again, you showed that familiar sights are never boring. I’ve passed by these countless times. And I carry a piece of them wherever. Having captured them from a front-seat viewpoint, you made instant revisits a possibility. Thanks, Jane!

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