Pili in the City

Pili in the city

In the menu display at  Bigg’s Sorsogon is the current main feature for its dessert, Pili pie with ice cream.

The fast-food correctly labeled the item by  simply using the word Pili instead of pili nut (locals do not call Pili as pili nut). Dubbed as Hometown Desserts, the presentation is subtle (with a single pili with shell cut in half showing its kernel in the ad)  and done with the fast food generation in mind.  Labeling and packaging is at par with the multi-national fast-food look. I can’t help but be proud that I am from Bulusan –  the major Pili producing town in the Bicol region. Bulusan  produces  more than  714 MT of pili nuts annually.

Up-scaling the pili look makes Pili more irresistible especially for non-Bicolanos judging from its performance at Bigg’s.  For Bicolanos however Pili will always be the premium ‘nut’ whether it is prepared by a local ‘paradulsi’ (confectionery maker) or presented in more innovative  and novel ways such as this one (photo).

Introducing pili this way is really innovative even for locals who are more familiar with the standard menu of pili desserts such as Crispy Pili, Mulido and Pili tart.

Bigg’s is doing a great service to Bicol for coming up with this Pili menu. To see Pili in such a wonderful presentation evokes pride of place and home.

Bigg’s Diner is a Bicol homegrown fast-food. You could catch me here whenever I am in the city.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Sorsogon City, Philippines

5 thoughts on “Pili in the City

  1. Hi. I love Bulusan — the lake, the volcano, the sights. I will be visiting back this coming November 1-3, and plans to explore Miliga-Biga and Punta Diamante, as suggested by a friend. I would very much love to sit down and chat with you and learn more about Bulusan.


  2. Thank you for loving Bulusan, Seeing with Brahmin eyes. My hometown is a visual village. What I recommend is a guided walking and tricycle tour instead of me chatting my way with you about Bulusan. Snap as many sights as you can…include the people in situ: weaving hats, bayongs, fishermen, farmers in their element etc. Make friendly chats with them…that’s what I do in my countryside walks and photo shoots. I learned a lot this way and make a lot of rural friends too in the process.
    Btw, this will be my first jump from blog to an actual tour (with a blog visitor) in my town if your trip will be pushed. This moment you are already welcome 🙂

    • Actually, I will be visiting Bulusan with a relatively large group (@15 pax) 🙂 we will be coming in from Matnog, take a dip at Bulusan Lake, then visit Punta Diamante and, maybe, swim at Miligabiga… then hie off to Donsol. It’s more like a Sorsogon mini-tour 🙂

      • 🙂 Bulusan Lake is not usually for dipping. The locals do their dipping at Masacrot, Palogtoc and several spring resorts dotting along the road of San Roque down to the Poblacion. Miligabiga location is quite far – a hiking distance from the town center. Swim here with caution because the waves are not as calm as Dancalan Beach which is along the road… and an excellent beach stop over for a large group tour.
        A short pre-tour info : Life in Bulusan is a celebration of slowness. It is best to savor it for at least 3 days to a week. There are already existing bed-and-breakfast and visitors’ inn around town.
        Maybe next time… 🙂
        I’ll see you then.

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