Saint Francis of Assisi’s Sermon to the Birds


Sermon to the Birds, Francis of Assisi, about 1220

“My little sisters, the birds, you are bound much to God, your Creator, and always in every place you ought to praise Him, for that He has given you liberty to fly about everywhere, and has also given you double and triple amount of rain; moreover He preserved your seed in the ark of Noah, so that your race might not perish out of the world; still more you are beholden to Him for the element of the air which He has appointed for you; beyond all this, you do not sow, neither do you reap; and God feeds you, and gives you the streams and fountains for your drink; the mountains and valleys for your refuge and the high trees on which to make your nests; and because you do not know how to spin or sow, God clothes you, you and your children; therefore your Creator loves you much, seeing that He has bestowed on you so many benefits; and therefore, my little sisters, beware of the sin of ingratitude, and learn always to give praises to God.”

Source: Wikisource.org
Image via Parabola Magazine : Fritz Eichenberg, Quaker Artist (1901 – 1990), “St. Francis, Sermon to the Birds,” Wood engraving, 1952. http://tmblr.co/ZjYlFyioZCuj

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