Bulusan Fiesta 2013: Colors and smiles from the DLC event

Bulusan Fiesta

The Drum and Lyre Competition participated by the schools in the elementary and high school levels was the most colorful and most watched event in the recently concluded Bulusan Fiesta (July 24-25, 2013) celebrations. I purposely did not cover the main action of the competition but instead focused my attention in the periphery of the event venue where the participants were more relax and in the mood of being photographed. The audience too was an interesting bunch mostly coming from the different villages of the municipality who flocked to the Poblacion to witness the various events of the fiesta.

Extra side attractions  to the event were the motley assortment of vendors in the vicinity with merchandise that includes colorful balloons,  faux jewelry to neon colored ‘sisiw’ (chicks). The latter can be had via a ‘kitkitan’ – a sort of lottery sticker indicating a win or lose anyone can bet for one peso each.

Photographs by Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


4 thoughts on “Bulusan Fiesta 2013: Colors and smiles from the DLC event

  1. I enjoyed this very much, thanks, Jane. I look at your focus on the boys clinging to trees to get a better look at the events, the orange chick on small hands, the green skirt of a majorette, the thick false eyelashes… These might’ve been ‘peripheral’ to the ‘main’ event, and they surely tell a story quite as profound.

    • Thank you, Roy. Good decision that I did not follow the other photogs and camera men who trooped to the center of the auditorium to get a full view of the competition. If I did, I am sure my photos will look so ordinary and no different from the others.

  2. Naiimod ko ako dini: yo’on na bata na nasakitan magdesidir kun arin na kolor san siwo an tidi’anisi (intero na hamok ada?), yo’on na unalto pagdila san ‘ice drop’ basi makisikop san pag-abri san numero sa kitkitan. Niyan, kun igtapo ko ini na madamuon an pirok, makihuron ada ako: ‘Pwede tabi yun tungtungan, kay maimod man ako san sa luyo?’

    • Hahaha! Sugad sin na-iimagine ko na san saday ka pa, Roy.
      Diri pa doon kaentra an sayo na bata na babaye na nagparahibi kay nawaraan sa ina. Pina-page ko baga sa emcee. Hahaha. Ako man lang nakareparo kay puro naka-imod sa competition. Aside from being a photog, naging parabantay pa ako sin nawawara na bata 🙂

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