Of hunks and flowers in Bulusan


Local flowers and ornamental plants provide an elegant backdrop for the pageant


Contestants introduce themselves during the July 20, 2013 ‘beauty’ and brains search in Bulusan.

The pageant for the local hunks of Bulusan was conducted in a descent and fun manner, thanks to the organizers. Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive when I heard about the event prior because of the event ‘title’ and the winner eventually being called Mr. Pretty Boy of Bulusan. I am sure these contestants are more capable than just being ‘pretty’.

Nonetheless, for a quiet and slow rural town like Bulusan, events like these are pleasant welcome diversions for the residents provided that these are conducted wholesomely with utmost consideration to the audience which cuts across all ages – in short  it must pass the general patronage rating.

The entertainment was well prepared and the pacing kept us awake except for some kids beside me. The judges were mostly from the newly elected kagawads (councilors) adding wholesome points to the night’s event. The wife of the newly elected Municipal Mayor also graced the competition.

I enjoyed the show not only  because of the entertainment numbers and the good-looking guys confidently strutting on stage – youth and beauty representing the new faces of Bulusan town but mainly because of the tastefully adorned stage.

The stage set-up  was so elegant (for a rural pageant standards) and the choice of flowers was marvelous. The installation of the flowers was so impressive that this morning I was asking around who did the stage design and installations.

The answer I got was that the stage design was a collective effort. But I was not completely convinced. I have to know the name of the  installation artist in charge. To answer my query,  I looked for Mr.  Aga Fuga, overall coordinator of the show. He informed me that Marco Banares did the flower  installations with the help of his whole team. In this tropical themed installation (photos), all flowers and materials were sourced locally.

Congratulations to your team, Mr. Aga Fuga and Mr. Marco Banares!  Ah, wait. I have a suggestion though: Please revise the title of Mr. Pretty boy for the winner of this competition to Mr. Bulusan Ecotourism Ambassador 🙂

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Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

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