Jeepney towns


‘Simply best’ jeepney is not that simple. More is the norm.

The jeepneys are still the mode of transportation for several towns in Sorsogon. And these include the towns of Gubat, Bulusan, Barcelona and Prieto Diaz. Shown here is a jeepney plying the Gubat route painted with the typical jeepney art: loud, colorful and fun with sprinkling of religious notes/icons, family endearment names and folk art.

The jeepney is not only iconic to the Philippines. It also mirrors a lot of  who we are. The Filipino-American rapper Apl. de. Ap already bought one for his US tour use – proudly made in the Philippines. In this rural part of Sorsogon however, the jeepney ride is just an ordinary day in the life of commuters like me where the choice is a colorful jeepney or another less colorful jeepney.

It is already a habit while on a jeepney ride for me to scan the rich material written and painted on a jeepney. Noticed also that ‘Mercedes Benz’ logo is a favorite jeepney design accent while the slogans and phrases range from the religious to nonsensical. For instance,  jeepney number one carries the phrase in its mud guard with “In God we trust,” while the second jeepney has this: “Mula sa Piso,” a word play of  the popular phrase “Mula sa Puso,” meaning from the heart.

My favorite spot when riding on a jeepney is the front seat with the open door/window,  to have a full view of the countryside while on a trip. This is the best  spot for sightseeing.

Window sitters are romantic according to a friend. That makes me one 🙂

Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Gubat, Sorsogon Philippines

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