The colors have been described from pink to mauve to lavender to purple. I will settle with purple.

It is easy to find a sanggumay even in the most modest rural home gardens in Bulusan.  This native orchid is obviously a community favorite because of its generosity in sharing its beauty – not a frugal bloomer with thick long stalks of  rows of opening blooms that last the whole season.  A sight to behold especially when grouped in clusters. Its generosity extends to its fragrance that seems to overpower the sense of smell but can be pleasant as one becomes acquainted with the scent that is distinct with sanggumay. The fragrance  is meant to be diluted with the surrounding air.  Not a surprise considering the vast rainforest as its  original home. The dense and moist surroundings will easily tone down the scent to a pleasant note.

The purple blooms peak its appearance during March and April – during Lent to be specific.  It has a white variety that looks exactly as its purple sibling except for the color and the scent which is more subtle.

Sanggumay’s scientific name is  Dendrobium anosmum. It is native to the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Photo: Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


2 thoughts on “Sanggumay

    • Thank you!
      Amo tabi. Sa mga orchid enthusiasts an sayo pa nira na pangaran sini, Purple Rain orchid. Dianis siya na panglandscaping in clusters. Very impressive pag-imodon….kaya lang medyo daghan an nahangotan san amoy…kay over daw an hamot. Pero sa ako pleasant an scent sini basta sa kahiwasan.

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