Wild adornments along Bulusan’s road

Kuliba-o flowers

Kuliba-o flowers from Bulusan

Red wild flowers adorning Kurbada sa Porog (Porog’s curve).

Not berries but flowers


Kuliba-o in-situ

I spotted two wild beauties in the  ‘Kurbada sa Porog’ in Bulusan. The curve highway road located in a cliff overlooking the vast panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean is a species-rich area where several of my flora photos were sourced. Just a few meters from here is an old lava flow route that exits hot waters on its way to the ocean still reeking with sulfuric scent and popular among the locals for its healing  powers.

These species of wild flowers from this area are familiar to the locals judging by the spontaneous answer of its local name – Kuliba-o for the white ones. The red ones I’m sure has a local name too.

Kuliba-o is not only pure beauty. The tree  is a popular building material for vernacular architecture specifically the nipa hut or  bahay-kubo. The trunks and branches of the Kuliba-o are mainly used as framing  for the nipa and/or anahaw palm leaves  thatched roofing.  Not only that. This tree also provides the material for the carabao wood  contraption for carrying heavy loads attached to its body  referred to as ‘patuloy’ by locals.

On its own in the wild  the Kuliba-o tree is a thing of beauty.  And for its uses  and utilitarian services for domestic needs, the tree is simply incredible.

Kurbada sa Porog :

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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