Bulusan Pili Trees : A walk amongst the giants


“The Pili trees were already there for as long as I can remember,” ~ Oya Choleng, 75 years old.


Jurassic looking Pili tree of Odikin.


Pili trees  rule the landscape in this area.


This is Pili Kingdom.

Walking amongst the giants

Alma in Pili land.

These are average sized ‘giant’ pili trees (photos) in the mountain village of Odikin. Others are more ancient looking and much massive in size. It is obvious that these are the original inhabitants of the place.

Odikin officially referred to as Barangay Santa Barbara is located in the lower slopes of Mount Bulusan  around 2 km from the PDZ (Permanent Danger Zone) of Bulusan  Volcano.

Kept notes from the definitive Pili monograph authored by the eminent scientist Roberto E. Coronel reads :

“Origin and geographic distribution:

The pili is indigenous to the Philippines (Merrill 1912, 1923; Wester 1921; Brown 1954; Li 1970). The crop’s centre of genetic diversity is the Bicol region, possibly in the virgin rainforests surrounding Mt. Bulusan, in the Province of Sorsogon. In the forests of this province, very old pili nut trees measuring more than 50 m in height can still be found today.”

Photos: Alma P. Gamil /photo of me amongst the pili trees by Loida, my sis-in-law.

2013 April Santa Barbara, Bulusan, Sorsogon


2 thoughts on “Bulusan Pili Trees : A walk amongst the giants

    • Thanks Elmer! I am flattered. Sir David Attenborough is of course my idol 🙂
      Maybe doing it ‘broadcast’ style a la DA will be more informative and exciting! But instead of a British accent it will have a Bulusan accent 🙂

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