Up Close with Miligabiga

Up Close with Miligabiga

Miligabiga in Bulusan, summer 2013

Miligabiga is not only enchanting and mysterious to me. It is an unusual place. It draws my curiosity everyday. I constantly  review the photos  for more details and things I have not noticed before.  And some of  the interesting points (below)  I only discovered lately as I review my files.


Life will find a way. A palm seedling, probably a nipa, washed away to shore.


Sole mates. I wonder how this pair of torn out washed-by-the-sea sandals managed to be together after a long journey at sea.


Miligabiga sand is in constant flux of light colored sand and streaks of grey tones where the light colored sand wins.


Fresh water stream cuts along the beach to meet the sea. This can be a shallow dip area too since the water stream is as crystal clear as a mountain spring.

Fresh water spring fronting the beach

Fresh water spring fronting the beach serves as a ready wash area and dip pool after a beach swim. Notice the tabo (dipper) from a recycled plastic container beside it.


The fresh water spring flows to a shallow natural tub surrounded by polished stones. These same stones are traditionally used by locals as ‘hirog’ a bath stone to scrub away dirt from the body while taking a bath. Stones with oval shape, slightly flat the size of a fist are most preferred.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

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