Angol from Dancalan sea coast

Angol from Dancalan sea coast

It is still early in the morning, my longish shadow (photo below) and that of the two women fish vendors on their way to the Poblacion to sell their husbands’ catch from the early morning fishing shift cut across the road adjacent to the beach. These women judging from the look of the fresh angol  in their basket will not reach the market place in the Poblacion. These fresh from the sea catches will all be sold out along the way before reaching the center town – a walk around 1 km away.

They gladly let me took photos of the angol arranged ‘atado’ style for easy pricing in ‘payaw’ leaves (above photo). Traditionally, these leaves are the original wrap for local fish catches like angol and turos.

Simplicity is the mark of all culinary fish recipes in Bulusan to better highlight its freshness and rich flavor from the sea. It is said that the reason why these angol are so tasty is because of the unique seaweeds and seagrasses that comprise the diet of these local fish species. Pamughaton, a Bulusan web site has the authentic angol recipe preserved in perpetuity.

The marine ecosystem of  Bulusan is a noted biodiversity spot in the Philippines.  Eminent  marine scientist Vic Alvarez of the alvarezii seaweed fame (commercially grown today in the Philippines and in many parts of the world) stayed here (Bartilet’s residence)  for a while for some in situ studies of several local seaweeds.  Our humble abode also hosted 2 marine biologists several years ago for another study on the local seaweeds growing along the Dancalan to Sabang coast.

Angol from Bulusan

Photos: Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines, May 26, 2013

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