Today is a good day to live!*


Sun drying ‘turos’  in a nigo, an all-purpose native wide tray woven from bamboo.

Sun drying Turos

The beach is the best site to sun dry the day’s catch.


The sea is kind today and the rest of summer – a fisherman gazes to the vast sea that seems to be a gesture of appreciation of this grace.

Drying turos

Dried turos when fried pairs well with sinangag – a personal favorite.

Contentment is relative. Its definition varies from one person to another. For others it is an elusive state. But not for this fisher folk of Riroan who caught my attention on my beach hike mid part of May.
I passed the route twice (going to and going back from Miligabiga). Up close I was able to get a glimpse of a life of a fisherfolk whose life depends on the sea for survival –  content for the day that the sea has been always kind for a  catch that is more than enough for his need.

note: The title is a rip-off from the movie Flatliners’  famous line : “Today is a good day to die!”  My thanks to Elmer who celebrated his birthday yesterday 🙂

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


2 thoughts on “Today is a good day to live!*

  1. As his catch dries, the man looks away, probably thinking of the forthcoming monsoon rains. The fish will be tucked away. And the man is pleased. Nice vignette. Salamatunon tabi, Jane!

    • The weather right now is the best of the year, but as we all know, it won’t last always. Our town( and the PH for that matter) is a storm beaten path. An excellent weather is a moment not to be taken for granted.

      Big thanks too for the appreciation!

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