Postcards from the Ocean’s Edge

Bulusan town is blessed with several beaches that range from black to white. From fine to textured. From pebbles to boulders. In this gallery, I will begin a series featuring the beaches of Bulusan both the known and the lesser known. The visited and the not so visited. The familiar and the not so familiar. The ordinary and the spectacular.

B is for Bulusan. Beauty. Beach.

I.   Miligabiga Beach


Up close, Miligabiga beach sand has the color of cappuccino.


Milgabiga beach is located at the base of a cliff.


The mountain cliff jutting to the ocean, its sides fringed with light colored sand easily tells me that this is ‘the’ beach – Miligabiga, the object of my long beach trek.


As Miligabiga recedes from view, the sand color slowly shifts to light grey with specks of cream colored sand.

A fresh water rivulet finds its way to Miligabiga cutting a curve shaped water stream on the finely textured sand.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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