The Moon last night

Moon last night SONY DSC

The full moon happened two days ago but the moon’s brightness was still in its fullness early last night. It stopped me right on my tract while I was on my way to the wash room from my bedroom.

The moon view was in an adjacent room with a peeping view of the ocean and the sky in between the roofs and side walls of our neighbors’ buildings and residences in the Poblacion. The window faces the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean if not for these residential houses blocking the view. The partly hidden   dazzling moon view was enchanting nevertheless.

It was a mesmerizing sight, magnetic enough to seduce my shutter bug impulse. I captured the moon in the above photos but my camera also caught a reflection or refraction (?) in the window glass pane of a moon goddess gazing (more of staring)  right in front of me (photo below)!

Perhaps my imagination’s getting darker (or shinier?) from too much Kahlua in my black coffee. You be the judge anyway.

Moon Goddess

As captured by my camera – an image of the ‘moon goddess’ on the window pane staring at me.

Photographs by Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


2 thoughts on “The Moon last night

  1. Thats a moon goddess alright and this is what they say about the “moon hitting your eyes like a big pizza pie.”

    I can relate to this, my room here in Malate has a huge window facing Manila bay so that there is not a dawn that i wouldnt wake up to the bright glare of the moonset straight in my face.

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