Beach in the raw

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Beach in the raw

Location : Dancalan Beach
Bulusan, Philippines
I have yet to study photoshop. So the imperfections of the linear horizon for example remain uncorrected. All the photographs come in the raw from location to my laptop.

These photos were taken this morning at the nearby Dancalan Beach.

Photos by Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

6 thoughts on “Beach in the raw

    • It is me who must thank you for being an angel in the virtual world. It makes my navigating in the web less complicated. Your generous compliments also fuel more premeditated and spontaneous posts. Daghanon na salamat (so many thanks)! 🙂

      • Im lost, Alma is Jane? Anyway, what do you need photoshop for, you can always turn to if you want those horizons straighten, etc. I lost my 20/20 vision courtesy of photoshop. Ang ganda ng Dancalan beach! Show us some Dancalan sunset pls

  1. Hi Elmer. My close friends call me Jane, my nickname. Please call me Jane too. I am already a fan of your photographs especially the last one. I did not comment on it because it left me speechless 🙂

    Thanks for the tip. It means a lot for a newbie.
    The sunset of Dancalan beach is perhaps waiting for your master stroke…I mean click.

    Alma ‘jane’ Gamil

    • Elmer wait…I am lost also. Dancalan beach has no sunset… It has however a grand sunrise.
      In Bulusan, the sun sets in the mountains (Mt Bulusan). The sun rises in the vast Pacific Ocean. Dancalan faces the Pacific Ocean.

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