Species hunting in Bulusan


It is the kind of adventure in which my only tool is a dependable digital camera. I am referring to my quest to record one species at a time the flora I will meet in my wanderings in my hometown’s rich biodiversity. My gallery at PythoImages (Alma P. Gamil images at is waiting for more diverse plant photographs from my base here and my solitary treks almost always result to some surprises. For instance, a wild tree with unique looking wild fruits (photos)  is one of my latest spottings – one of around three plant samples from my recent trek to a secondary forest in two villages in Bulusan.

In these photos are fruits from the native tree locally known as ‘Bangad’. I spotted the tree growing wild in a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the village of Porog.

Photos by Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

5 thoughts on “Species hunting in Bulusan

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  2. Studying your photo of a ‘bangad’ species in Pamughaton made me conclude that this species is not alone. While this kind (my bangad capture) opens up like a gaping mouth when ripe exposing usually four seeds (two major and two minor) your bangad photo exhibits a more symmetrical kind – the fruit opens up into a pericarp with three petals – like a flower with hard petals!. This indicates that your bangad capture is possibly a sub-species or an entirely different species.
    Thanks for the tip. I guess a visit to your bangad spotting will provide the answer 🙂

    • It is still awaiting verification from PhytoImages. I’ll let you know after the identification is done.
      Thanks for dropping by and thanks also for submitting the other post about the fern leaf to the Co’s Digital Flora of the Philippines FB page for id. I appreciate your genuine interest for these stuff 🙂 Nice meeting you here Kim!

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