Santa Marta, an exquisite gem

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It was a joy to watch Santa Marta in the procession the afternoon of Domingo de Ramos and the recent Mierkoles Santo (Holy Wednesday). Every detail was in the right places– the gown (of high couture), the accessories and the iconic symbol of every santa (grapes or bread for Santa Marta). My neighbor’s grandson  is doing a splendid job in taking care of the Sta Marta I have known since I was a little girl from our neighborhood. The face is still the same etched in my middle-aged memory. She  never ages. She is timeless. She is more radiant now with the artist touch of the current carer.

Santa Marta will always be part of my Holy Week memories. After all, she ‘lives’ in  the same block as my own in Poblacion Central, just a house away. She comes ‘alive’ in full regalia once a year during the Kamahalan, Holy Week in Bulusan to join the other santos and santas in the Holy Week processions.

Santa Marta of Bulusan

Santa Marta at the Saint James the Greater Parish Church in Bulusan, Holy Week 2013.

Photographs by Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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