Leaf Art

Leaf Art

An elderly woman from Kapangihan (San Francisco), Bulusan was beside me this morning mass of Palm Sunday standing near the entrance of our church, Saint James the Greater Parish. I immediately noticed her bouquet of meticulously woven palm leaves. The weaving technique is a complex form of braiding that differs from the common palm frond ‘palaspas’ traditionally brought to the church during Palm Sunday celebrations.

The ornate weaving of the coconut leaves created into a beautiful offering  that is so rich in texture and pattern evokes deep devotion from the hands that prepared the  palm frond arrangement for blessings. This is another example of an indigenous leaf art form from Bulusan purposely done for devotional expressions in religious events.

It is a kind of visual prayer so eloquent and touching, the skill and creativity of the artisan translated into an art work  to show his/her deep faith expresses more fluency than just merely mumbling the prayers.


Photographs by Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


5 thoughts on “Leaf Art

  1. I continue to wait for someone to teach me these different designs! I have the book, Palaspas, but these different designs are not included! Help!

    • I hope you are still looking for someone to explain how these weavings are done! I like them because they are so different. I have the book “Palaspas” , but these new weaves are not in it! So, please help!

  2. Yes, I am persistent!!! I continue to wait for you to send me information on how to weave the wonderful designs from the Bulusan mountain area. The design was constructed by an elderly woman. Would you have a book or papers which would explain the design? —We have a number of dedicated and hard working people in our parish, but no one can help me with these special designs. —I’m waiting to get some good news from you!!!
    Peace and God bless!
    Sincerely, Reginald

  3. Hi, again…
    I forgot to let you know that I can make the “Zigzag” design which is in the photo. I would like to learn the weaving of the other two that are pictured. The Philippine people in our parish are not familiar with these two special designs
    Still waiting!
    Peace and God bless!

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