Bulusan : Karagumoy Hat Capital of Bicol

A smile in between

Smiles in between loading a truck load of hats in Bulusan.

Sea of hats

Sea of karagumoy hats drying under the sun in the courtyard of a hat trader in Bulusan.

Karagumoy Hat Capital

Baling of karagumoy hats in Bulusan.

One Million five hundred thousand karagumoy hats annually is a conservative estimate of the total karagumoy hat production in Bulusan. With no competing town ready to beat this record, makes the town of Bulusan the undisputed karagumoy hat capital of the region and most probably of the Philippines.

Karagumoy hats are utility hats mainly used by farmers to shield them from the harsh tropical sun in the fields.

Photographs by Alma P. Gamil
Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


2 thoughts on “Bulusan : Karagumoy Hat Capital of Bicol

  1. good day, i would like to inquire how can i order the karagumoy hat, i need 1,280pcs hat with wide brim, is there any contact number where can i call for my inquiry, much better globe or smart no. thank you

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