What they say about Mount Bulusan

Bulusan Volcano’s twin peaks. Photo courtesy of Glenn Olayres Belarmino


A member of the Pinoy mountaineering team savors the moment by the crater of Mt Bulusan (photo:

After reading the account of Pinoy Mountaineers  about their Mt Bulusan trek I repositioned to number one in my bucket list this:  to finally set upon my  eyes the grand abyss of  the gaping crater summit of the legend that is Mount Bulusan with heavenly clouds floating lightly inside and above it while I listen to Handel’s Messiah “Hallelujah” chorus to better celebrate the grandness of creation.

It is said that Handel wrote the music “in a fervour of divine inspiration”  in which “he saw all heaven before him.”

The  Pinoy mountaineers’ account with their awesome photos of Mount Bulusan’s crater summit on the day of their successful climb of June 24, 2012 actually made me pick Handel’s Messiah as the  musical score of my choice for the heavenly inspired view.

Part of  account reads:
“Finally, we reached the point where the grass gave way to scree slope, which meant that we were very near the crater, and it was very much reminiscent of some of my hikes in Japan. I was thinking: If only Bulusan were in Japan, I’m sure it would make to the Hyakumeizan (100 Famous Mountains)! Someday, I would like to make a ‘Philippine Hyakumeizan’ and for sure Mt. Bulusan will be part of it!”

“At first, the crater was surrounded with clouds and steam, and we could not see anything. But its majesty gradually unfolded before us, until we saw its entirety – a truly majestic sight comparable to Mt. Kanlaon in beauty and grandeur.”

“Soon, the clouds began to roll and it was time to go back. As if to bid us farewell, a succession of unusual fauna appeared before us (see Hiking matters #277). By 1000H, we were back the Lake Aguingay campsite, and after brunch, we continued the trek all the way back to Lake Bulusan, this time taking a route that circumvents the lake.”

“What an unforgettable trek! I can easily say that Mt. Bulusan is one of the most beautiful climbs in the Philippines, and I highly recommend it. Thank you to my team members, and to the friendly locals for their warm hospitality!”

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

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