Bulusan’s Karagumoy hat: A true green hat

The pattern and symmetry of Bulusan’s karagumoy hat is akin to basketry that follows the code of ancient weaving.

Sun drying is the only post weaving process employed on the karagumoy hats and there are no chemical preservatives and color dyes applied making it a 100% green hat.

The Karagumoy hat is not the kind of hat that will merit a second attention in Bulusan. The hat is so common that it is usually taken for granted by the locals unlike the colorful and stylish beach hats also woven in Bulusan and displayed during festivals, trade fairs and in souvenir shops.

But the simpleness and practicality of its design is based on its purpose–farmer’s sun protection in the field.

The demand of this kind of hat is obviously its utilitarian importance.

Close scrutiny however reveals the beauty of the hat. It has symmetry and a natural beauty that mirrors the relax mode of the tropics. The pattern of the weave is akin to the craft of basketry that follows the ancient code of weaving. The natural materials make it more appealing as an organic utility hat.

Photos: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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