Eat, Pray, Weave and Smile

Strips of karagumoy hanging like curtains in this simple abode in a coastal village of Bulusan wait for their turn to be woven into natural hats

Karagumoy hat weaving in this coastal village of Bulusan blends perfectly with the rhythm of the hum of the ocean and swaying of the palm leaves nearby. The ambiance of a slow paced tempo of rural life here suits weaving activity to a tee.  No wonder this elderly villager seems so at peace with her hat weaving chore.

Hat weaving is relatively common in this village. It is not uncommon to see  young mothers and elderly grandmothers  who walk and talk while weaving hats.

Karagumoy is a local pandan abundant in almost all the farm patches of Bulusan. This is the same material utilized by local weavers of mats and bay-ong a local basket.

Weaving karagumoy hat  is a traditional craft in Bulusan town that still flourish even today because of continued demand for the natural utility hat commonly used by farmers and workers in the country as protection from the heat of the tropical sun.

Photo: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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