Coconut Grove by the Beach in Bulusan

Coconut Grove by the Beach in Bulusan

Villa Luisa Celeste Resort seaside coconut grove in Dancalan, Bulusan

The dominant colors of Bulusan are tropical blue and green. Blue of the Pacific Ocean and the clear blue skies above it.  And green for the coconut palms swaying with that distinctly lazy afternoon sea breeze in this part of Dancalan Beach.

That makes the coconut grove of the sea side front of Villa Luisa Celeste Resort  as  the perfect choice for a  hideaway to pass these lazy afternoons. The ocean breeze is soft filtered by rows of coconut palms lining the beach. Activity here is somewhat different from the white beach just a walk away lining the same water edge. This  beach is best suited to low tide gathering of  ‘gulaman’ a local seaweed for gelatin candy and ‘buskay’ and ‘lokog’ to name a few of the local sea shells (gathered alive)  rather than swimming.

Seen from the coconut grove’s cottage is an infinity view of the hubasan or low tide reef and the Pacific Ocean (photo). It is best to bring a ‘balon na bahaw’  meaning cold rice and a partner dish for that hunger pangs in the afternoon  and maybe an extra hammock for that ‘siesta’ or afternoon nap.

Photo: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


6 thoughts on “Coconut Grove by the Beach in Bulusan

    • Thanks, Denis for connecting instead to my blog. You may try the office number of Metrobank Sorsogon. Celeste (the owner’s daughter) is the current bank manager. Or you may opt for the other hotels and homestays here in Bulusan.

      Thanks for choosing Bulusan!

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