Bulusan’s endearing curve

Kurbada sa Porog (Porog's Curve)

Kurbada sa Porog (Porog’s Curve)

One way of making sure  if one is a Bulusan native or not is by asking  whether she/he  knows where the ‘Kurbada sa Porog is’. Every local knows by heart the catch phrase “pangurowot kay makurbada sa Porog” spoken with the local distinct sound of o, u and e. It simply means ‘hold on tight, we’re about to pass the sharp curve of Porog (photo).

The scene overlooking this curve hillside road is a spectacular Pacific Ocean’s panoramic view a dead ringer for Hawaii’s Pacific seaside sights.  The lush flora along the cliff  obscure the view from my observation point to photograph this curve.

Photo: Alma P. Gamil

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines


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