Bulusan Lake Unknown Fact

Bulusan Lake Unknown Fact

The Zen like emerald beauty of Bulusan Lake is hands down enchanting. But she is mysterious too. According to a recent NGO assessment report this body of water is barely studied.

Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines

Photo: Alma P. Gamil


2 thoughts on “Bulusan Lake Unknown Fact

  1. Hi ! My name is YONG NIEVA. We were a goup from Gawad Kalinga last Saturday Feb.23. There was this guy named PHILIP (?) who was nice enough to offer to take my photo next to the sign Bulusan Lake though it ewas raining. I briefly told him that I was born in Sorsogon, its my first since I was born, and that I would want to go back since GK tour of facilities took all day and we left the next day. Pls tell Mr.PHILIP (?) to email me: I would appreciate anyone’s help. I hope you can locate him. Thanks!

  2. My pleasure to be of help, Yong.
    The guy you may be referring to is none other than the indefatigable Philip Bartilet. He is the man in charge of the park (BVNP). He is Bulusan’s pride and primary eco-tourism mover. Our very own eco warrior. Lucky you to have had met him. It is easy to contact him: Message him thru Philip Bartilet FB. His contact number is easy to spot in several web sites: AGAP Bulusan. Philippine Eco Guide. LGU Tourism office, Bulusan.

    Thanks for your Bulusan visit. Nice to know that you are coming back 😉

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